Friday, March 30, 2007

Haggadah Of The Chassidic Masters

Shalom Meir Wallach, ArtScroll, 1990

I like this Haggadah, which contains the standard ArtScroll text, translation and instructions as well as selections from well-known Chassidic teachers. Some of it is quite rigorous – e.g. an analysis of the Targum by a 19th century Polish Rebbe which exposes a key element of the Seder’s methodology. Other parts comprise Rebbe stories, some inspiring, some silly. I particularly like some of the introductions and cute stories of the particular practices of Rebbes.

The piece referred to above:

The Rebbe of Sochachov, author of Avnei Nezer, noted that the Aramaic translation of Onkelos renders ‘you shall tell your son’ as ‘you should show your son’. We are to show him the Exodus, have him see it, in a sense, not merely tell him about it. (Neot Deshe)

This book contains a great collection of stories – some will be good to keep your guests awake at the Seder, others for Yom Tov meals.

Haggadah Of The Chassidic Masters