Friday, May 04, 2007

Coming Home: 20 Glimpses From The Road Of Return In Modern America

Compiled by Bostoner Rebbe, Israel Bookshop, 2005

This is an interesting study of 20 typical cases of modern Ba’aley Teshuvah (returnees to Judaism), all of whom have had some association with the Rebbe of Boston, an English-speaking charismatic leader who divides his time between his communities in Jerusalem and Boston. The stories are interesting, although contain no critical elements and try to paint a picture of a broad range of returnees to the Jewish fold. The autobiographical accounts include those of a relative of the Earl of Huntingdon who became a Chassid, an aspiring American politician (whose parents thought that his religious developments indicated the need for psychiatric treatment) and fellows living in Venezuela and Lebanon. We learn of a photographer and a geophysicist who became religious in their youth and of a convert among other Ba’aley Teshuvah. While the book is typical of a certain genre of literature, it is interesting because of the involvement of the Rebbe in each of the subject’s life.

Coming Home