Friday, June 29, 2007

Journal of Halacha and Contemporary Society

Rabbi Jacob Joseph School, Semi-annual journal

This journal, edited by Rabbi Alfred Cohen, is an invaluable resource. Now at its 53rd edition, it has covered hundreds of contemporary halachic issues. While the articles are generally of good quality (and some are written by major authors), the most useful aspect of the journal, at least from my perspective, is the plethora of sources, which I have used extensively for shiurim. The contents of the current edition (Pesach 2007) will be a good example:

The Unscrupulous Butcher
The Valance of Pain in Jewish Thought and Practice
Woman and Prayer
Kashrut for Children
Pareve Meat
Yemenite Shofar: Ideal for the Mitzvah?

The articles sometimes respond to current issues in the Jewish world (e.g. butcher) or to recent research (e.g. shofar). It’s a fabulous resource and only $32 for a two-year subscription.

No on-line purchase, but click here to download a subscription form