Friday, September 07, 2007

Finding The God Of Noah: The Spiritual Journey of a Baptist Minister from Christianity to the Laws of Noah

J. David Davis, Ktav, 1996

This unusual (and not all that well-written) book is amply described by its subtitle: ‘the spiritual journey of a Baptist minister from Christianity to the Laws of Noah.’ It is an autobiography of a man who would now call himself a Noachide. Davis, who understandably has become a figure of considerable dislike among some Christian groups in the USA began his quest towards observance of the seven Noachide commandments very gradually. When researching into the origins of baptism he discovered that it was ‘borrowed’ from the Jewish mikveh practice. Little by little, he abandoned Christianity in favour not of Judaism, but of the little-known Torah code for gentiles – the seven Mitzvos of the Noachides. He eventually removed the steeple (which he now understood to be a pagan phallic symbol) from his church and converted it to a place of Noachide worship, losing about half of his constituents in the process. He invited rabbis to give classes and began a Noachide movement. His highly unusual life makes a most interesting study.

Finding The God Of Noah